Reconnecting with customers

If you are struggling with your vehicle finance agreement, you may feel overwhelmed or embarrassed and hope that, by ignoring letters and calls, the problem will go away. Unfortunately, it will not.

At Crystal Collections, we work with vehicle finance companies across the UK to reconnect them with their customers when letters and calls are not being answered.

As a regulated business, we operate to the highest standards and pride ourselves on our empathetic, sensitive, and professional approach.

If you have received a letter from us, it is because your vehicle finance company has asked us to contact you. We would like to arrange a convenient time to speak with you, find out more about your circumstances and also review your vehicle.

We would then like to arrange a convenient and comfortable time for your finance company to contact you to reconnect.

Reconnecting with your vehicle finance company could be the first step towards getting your account back on track, addressing any problems you are having and avoiding the need for things to escalate further.

Please get in-touch with us today and speak with one of our expert team members who can explain why reconnecting with your finance company is a good thing to do and how we can help you do this.

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, or behind on your repayments, please do not ignore it…

Take a look at our Help and Advice section where you will find a number of organisations who can provide free, non-judgemental,  and confidential help and advice to people with money worries or find themselvces in financial difficulty.

Help & Advice

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