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Provisions in the Consumer Credit Act may provide a borrower with additional rights when more than one third of the total purchase price of a vehicle has been paid under a vehicle finance agreement. One such right is that the vehicle becomes classed as “protected” and the finance company have to obtained a Return of Goods Order through the Courts if it wishes to repossess the vehicle when the finance agreement is breached.

Obtaining a Return of Goods Order can be costly and time consuming. That is why Crystal Collections works with some of the UK’s largest finance companies to find alternative solutions for its clients and their customers.

Operating for more than 25 years, Crystal Collections is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and works to the highest standards.

We work on your behalf to find a solution to your customers’ vehicle finance predicament

In some cases, this can result in them getting things back on track. In other cases, we help arrange the voluntary surrender of the vehicle. Either way, our aim is to help avoid the costly, time consuming and invasive nature of legal proceedings, which we believe is better for both our clients and their customers.

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