Crystal Collections: A consistent and fair approach to vehicle assessment through training


At Crystal Collections we have seen considerable changes in the way we work during 2020. Some of the changes have been forced upon us, as we rapidly adapted to operating in a world with Covid-19. Others though, such as opening new operations centres in Belfast and Fife, and our considerable investment in systems and technology have been driven by our ambition to become the UK’s leading asset recovery and collections company.

However, one thing that has not changed is our commitment to ensuring our client’s customers are always treated fairly and that vehicle appraisals and collections are carried out to the highest standard.

Fulfilling these commitments does not happen by chance though. As well as instilling a culture of professionalism and integrity throughout our business, we see staff training as a vital tool to ensure that quality is not only maintained, but continuously improved.

Our training programme naturally provides staff with a “refresher” on Crystal Collections’ operating practices. However, it goes further. We ensure staff are aware of changes to legislation which affect the way we operate, and changes to guidance and best practice from industry bodies, such as the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), of which we are a member.

With the BVRLA setting the industry standard for assessing fair wear and tear of vehicles, we require our inspectors to successfully complete their “Fair Wear & Tear” training module, as 20 of them did in October 2020. This helps ensure we apply a consistent approach to vehicle assessment throughout the UK and, most importantly, that all customers are treated fairly.

With our staff also subject to internal assessment, and additional training provided if gaps in knowledge become apparent, we believe our training programme is one of the most comprehensive in the UK asset recovery and collections industry. We also believe it is a key reason why Crystal Collections continues to set the industry standards for professionalism, quality, and service.

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