Crystal Collections: Investing to benefit everyone


The investment that Crystal Collections is making in its systems is a key reason why it has, arguably, become the premier licensed and regulated asset recovery and collections business operating throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

Having developed its cloud-based Gumshoe CRM system in 2020, Crystal Collections has continued to adapt and innovate to improve and enhance the service it provides to its clients and their customers. Sometimes, this has been out of necessity, such as the introduction of contactless “Inspect & Collect” in early 2020 which was a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Crystal Collections’ innovation is generally to ensure that the service it provides to clients and customers is at the leading edge of what is possible in the UK asset recovery and collections industry.
Take, for example, Crystal Collections’ latest development: a new portal on its website for customers to schedule the collection of a vehicle.

Crystal Collections’ online Vehicle Booking Portal makes it easy for customers to schedule the return of a vehicle and is driven by the Company’s commitment to ensure that a customer’s experience of asset recovery and collection is as positive and convenient as possible.

Accessible at any time via Crystal Collections’ website, on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet device, once a customer’s details have been verified, they can use the portal to select a date for their vehicle to be collected, log its condition, upload relevant vehicle documents (such as an MOT certificate, service history and V5 document), confirm the collection location, and add, or amend, contact details. When the process, which generally takes two minutes, is complete, the customer will receive a text message or email confirming their vehicle collection arrangements.

The Vehicle Booking Portal aims to make the return of vehicles simple for customers and, with the booking confirmation also forming part of an audit trail on Crystal Collections’ Gumshoe CRM system, it ensures full transparency for Crystal Collections’ clients; something which is important to Crystal Collections as a Financial Conduct Authority approved and regulated business.

However, the Vehicle Booking Portal has benefits beyond simplifying vehicle collection for customers. By gathering information about a vehicle prior to collection, Crystal Collections’ clients are better able to determine early valuations for vehicle which helps reduce remarketing times. A logistics algorithm incorporated into the system also considers a vehicle’s location, size, and the available space on Crystal Collections transport fleet, allowing the ‘smart scheduling’ of collections so that vehicles in a similar area, or on a specific collection route, can be collected on the same day. This helps reduce the time, distance, and cost of collecting vehicles and is also helping Crystal Collections reduce its vehicle emissions.

Crystal Collections’ investment in its systems is improving the way it operates, but the benefits it brings to clients, their customers and the environment are further reasons why Crystal Collections is setting the standard for the asset recovery and collections industry in the UK.

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